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No problem.

With PaidYou, splitting bills between you and your housemates is hassle-free.

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Track shared spends

Want clarity on what your hard earned cash is being spent on and what the bill actually was? You can see what’s been paid without chasing the household’s “responsible adult” for a copy of their bank statement.


Keep an eye on expenses

Forgot to pay the rent? It happens. But with our helpful reminders and easy payment requests, you and your housemates will always know what bills are coming up.


See who hasn’t paid

Put an end to those awkward “have you sent me money for the bills yet?” conversations. The PaidYou app shows everyone in the house who’s paid and who hasn’t.


Split bills accurately

Whether you want to split it straight down the middle or add an extra 10% to whoever bagged the ensuite, we’ll work out who owes what... because who likes maths?

What makes PaidYou different?

Looking after the bills yourself might seem like more effort than paying someone extra to do it for you, but with added security and freedom, you can’t go wrong using PaidYou. We make life admin easier, no arguing from the day you move in. Happy home.

We’re compatible with all service providers, and payment methods

We don’t add extra administration costs on top of your bills

We help you pay your share of bills, no over or under payments

Rachael Namiiro, Founder of PaidYou

"If like me you’ve ever shared a house with a group of others, you’ve probably experienced the real struggle of splitting bills and other expenses. Having worked professionally in finance for 15 years, I found it more and more frustrating that there wasn’t already something to help establish transparency between housemates, so I decided to create PaidYou."

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